Flatscreen Iliad

I need culture and topics upon to write,
I am a lost journalist,
With only the history in today to find,
I sit, watch, and write what I see;
To be in an epic mix of discourse I crave the most of all.

The great wars are done and gone,
I watch them on my flatscreen tv.
The great stories are long past,
And I am left with a cautionary tale,
That was long ago explained so well.

I crave some destruction,
I hope that doesn’t seem ill to you.
The corporate man has taken away my freedom,
And to this peaceful so called world he prevails.

To today I beg you will still listen,
That we are far along a path,
It may be pre-ordained,
But, you are the leader and
To be the actual society we are is not close,
To the ideology that we must grasp,
Only the authorities we cannot trust.

Brought to you by Eddie Cabbage


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