Vegi-Ventures Day 1

So here I am. Starting something totally insane. I am becoming a Vegetarian. Well, actually I am still going to eat eggs and possibly fish. I have already been warned how tough this will be and even received some friendly advice of “you shouldn’t try that! It is too tough for you”.
Well, despite the warnings, I began yesterday afternoon with the intention of doing this for the month of September as a minimum requirement for success.
Day 1– Began with a vigor much like any new adventure…optimism and excitement. I had the day off work and planned my day around getting off on the right foot for this task. I ate some cherrios and then went to the book store to acquire some vegetarian cookbooks to help me prepare meals beyond grocery store raw produce and home made salads. $50 later I walked out of Barnes and Nobles confident that what lie in the bags were my keys to success! I then ventured over to Earth Fare ( the whole foods store in Asheville). After walking the isles for 30 minutes staring at labels for Tofu, fake meat substitutes, and expensive items I could find cheaper elsewhere, I picked up some free range eggs,multi-grain bread, and some odds and ends to get me thru a day or two and left overwhelmed. I came home and ate some Pecans and I read my vegetarian cookbooks and came up with both a plan to be successful at making satisfying vegetarian meals and creating interesting blogging at the same time.
I am going to plan a weeks worth of meals from the cookbooks, and then shop for those meals. I will post my week of meals within the next couple of days. I plan to also attempt to be more adventurous with my dining as I progress. ( As in eating some foods such as tofu and some other undesirable dishes that I tend to keep away from)

I encourage your input on success you have had in converting from a heavy carnivore diet to a healthier vegetable,produce, and grain substitute. Please posts responses on this page or email me at

Wish Me Luck!
Eddie Cabbage

Brought to you by Eddie Cabbage

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