Blurry Sober Haze

Recollections on this night of days of old and the life I have lived through.

I awake with a shiver and contemplate the path less wood,
I am so far beyond what was expected of me.

To be anxious when confusion abounds is nothing new,
I just put on that game face and soldier through.

I know so much of these cravings of which I still have no clue,
To wait and see seems my norm,
But life carries on, and I must live it through.

I dream through my days,
A constant blurry sober haze,
Not to overwhelm the senses in me,
I hold it in and watch in disbelief.

No one can tell me the truth I see,
Gentle embraces is what I crave.
I will find my muse in the depths of night,
Through the smoke and fog of daily life she will sing to me.

Brought to you by Eddie Cabbage


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