Strange Reflections

I am getting to know myself
It may be small bits at a time
It is when I close myself off
And let the worldly noise fall away
Content in reflection is what I find.

I have come to the conclusion
That the goal I am destined to find
Is little bits of my persona spread
And at rest throughout my journey
A lost wanderer must I be it seems.

I love to go out and watch the world around
Not just the random nature,
But also the constant flow of people that abound.
I love to watch their interactions
And hear what they have to say
To be amongst them as a stranger
Is something that must be my forte

Brought to you by Eddie Cabbage


One thought on “Strange Reflections

  1. Simone says:

    I like how you opened up your poem with “I am getting to know myself.” It made me interested in reading the rest of the poem’s journey that, to me, seems to suggest that people can be strangers to themselves just as much as others can be to them. Self can be the “other.”

    Continue writing!

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