The Eclipse Of My Soul

I am getting to be known,
I am yet to call it some reputation,
I write to read and listen to write,
To be some blogger was not the destination in me.

I am a freelance and freestyle writer of a destiny that will never be proof.
The things I say and do only complete
A randomness and disillusioned spirit in me.

I may seem to throw in big words
They are small pieces of the parchment of me.
My scope wants and begs to be better,
And some kind of a Bukowski of an actual wisdom I want to say and possibly preach.

I listen to my readers and desire their input.
I cannot be afraid of unkind vibes and rarely desire a kind word.
I am the freestyle I display and to my future I have yet to create for you.

I will just keep on listening and writing,
‘Cause the best of me comes in waves,
And the eclipse of my soul can only be a scene,
When I am free from response,
And I am simply allowed to sit and complete,
The epic opera that is me.


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