The Doppleganger To me

He is so me from the opposite looking in,
We appear much different,
But the same heart and soul we share.
So much ignorant confidence I display,
So much quiet ambition he conquers all.

Where I am loud and demanding,
He quietly excepts what is thrown his way.
I admire his bravado when he wishes my solitude.
To me one is never quite known when
Only strangers to each other, we meet in the middle, like a jigsaw
puzzle on the verge of utter completion,
And our colors blend peacefully together.
These times are ever so infrequent,
And to demand them is an idiosyncratic routine.
I do and always remember these days,
When two blend to one and separate again.
We speak together and quickly move along, to be alone and ourselves,
we sing our separate songs to the appearing crowd.

I miss him, and to me hope is true,
Though he may not write it out and display so much,
I hope he reads my words of clout,
And somehow we find me out, I am the weaker link in this bargain I
Can never quite comprehend.


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