Fresh Squeezed

You owned my emotions in the palm of your hands
My simple heart and tired soul cannot take the times when you feel you must squeeze and break me

I don’t care how it started
Just that it has finally come to an end
Your lies became your facts as I became gone from them forever

I missed my strength and lost it along the way before we ever danced
The time I spent away I slowly grew stronger
Never to be the same for you
My simple refusal of you is the power I can now consider to keep with me

You were only telling lies to each other
For your cheating heart I knew of from the start
You were never saving me from pain
The Endless sorrow I kept with me at a daily pace

For you to look to me for absolution and respect is an empty glass
I drank from that pitcher of pain long ago
And only redemption and peace for me you shall find

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