kaleidoscope of possibility

To my limits I have none,
Except the limited perceptions in me
To my rival I have none,
Only the potential in me.

I am a man of words,
A man to inspire the disenfranchised
And this means little to me,
I just desire what I hold away,
And fear to let encapsulate me.

Maybe this view of me,
Is what must be of me.
A kaleidoscope of possibility,
But only black and white I see.

I enjoy and hate this in me.
Moments and days of clarity,
Seem the thing I work for,
While the multitudes around,
Crave a fetish of indulgence,
Which has no commodity in me.

My story will be written,
That is for sure a definitive,
I am the oration of this tale,
To live it is all I can do to prevail.


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