Return To Sender

Well I feel a little different
I know it is strange I now say this
I have been on a constant journey
With no port to call my own
With no destination I have shown

But now these days are strange
A dissociative version inside of me
Something quite new to me
I am lost but found brand new
Somehow old but new to you

I have been sailing the backwaters
Of my mind for quite some time
No mirrors or words to look upon
To keep my excommunicated thoughts
And beliefs of myself on track

I thought I knew what to believe
As I glanced  old words gone away
But that boy or lonesome man
Was more a mystery to himself
Then I am a mystery to him.

If he, my mystery man in me
Somehow could see me today
I wonder who would control more
But the truth is told from days old
That are forever lost evermore


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