Bar room Freestyle

My life in viewpoint is a facsimile to me,
Something to perceive,
A freestyle I sling,
For your ears to believe.

I walk around and sometimes at a fathomed canter.
To hesitate is to assimilate what I hate to be.
Destiny has many forms and no matter how I try,
I cannot escape this thing that clings.
It lurks and waits in the smoke and fog,
To grasp and tangle like kudzu vines.
My soul in an epic twist of fate and
Misadventures tied down  to my heart.
To be fast or slow has no hinderance of spirit,
As I fight the endless current in these backwaters of desire.
The pace that is set on this spellbound journey has been and was
preordained.  I am a hapless rider just writing what I perceive.

Am I repeating or just improving on the past?

Just a journeyman eager for a conclusion,but always hungry for the trail
I am always in a hurry to slow down,
But a life slowed is the future tense out-of-place in the now.

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