Dear Calliope

I think I have found my lost muse,
She is the one I desire at every moment I am awake,
To be with her is the only time I am alive.

I resist many temptations with her at my side,
I am as complete as a blank puzzle,
I am now such a lost soul when she is not there to take my call.
The only hindrance I have now, is not knowing what she desires.

I have wandered this empty and vast ocean of contemplation for quite some time,
A lost muse is what I am out to find.

I cannot be, or even imagine beyond a dream what I should be to her.
I can only illuminate my mind by waiting till she arrives at the fact,
that I must have her completely to fill in the gaps of my poetic soul.

I don’t find it that often,
When I will break free of the ties that bind and discover moments of
freedom and clarity.
Maybe it is what is meant to be,
A lost sailor with only an ocean in front of me.

I will curl up in bed tonight alone,
With only the thoughts of you to comfort me.
Like a child on Christmas eve,
I desire the fantasy of you.
I hesitate and ignore the signs,
That you are not real,
You are just another Lost Muse to me.


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