Borderline Swagger

Developing a real swagger for life and that defines my moment.

I creep along this border of awareness and desire,
and feel I am getting closer to what I dream of at night.
The Dreams that haunt and slither around inside are stories of
an untainted heart beating.

I have met so many on the recent far-stretching journeys, that the
faces blend to one.
I take on the nightlife and talk it away, just for the moments like these,
When peaceful silence overtakes me and I can quiet the verbal biopic,
and just write some parables on life.

It was long days and short delirious nights when the same girl always
caught my eye,
To be a mysterious stranger has always been a gift in me.

The mystery falls away,
At that moment I look in her eyes,
Just another nameless beauty,
That I meet in moonlight summer dwellings,
In my quest of self-indulgence.


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