Random Affirmations

I feel I am so far away
Such distance from the page
That I am outside the lines
And unable to draw myself in

Am I that estranged from the society I know and perceive
Or just another sailor without a compass
wondering the sea searching for the meaning of me

No man is an island
Is what I hear and what they say
For better or worse I seem
Able to return to randomness in me

I remember somehow today
And the yesteryear of before
Being awake but somehow asleep
To see myself from up close
As if from a strangers eye

I venture so far in the twilight
Not to see where I am going
And to no one I belong tonight
Another vacancy for randomness
That clings and holds to me

I am always hoping and
For some reason reaching out
But they do not contemplate
My desire in desperately seeking
My true self and not just mirages

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