Is is possible to be Fun and Serious at the same time?

So here I am.  Eddie Cabbage.  How does one approach writing a blog?  I do not yet know how to manage my dashboard on WordPress, manage the look, and more importantly I have no idea what I am going to write about.  I think the most important thing is content.  I have this content spread throughout my life in notebooks, laptops, blackberry notepads, and bar-room napkins thrown on my bedroom dresser.  now the daunting task of how to take the articles spread throughout my life and make them an transparent view of myself and my opinions.  Oh, let’s not forget to take these items and make them fun, exciting, and with the ability to sell them to the masses.

I pause for a second when I think of the masses of people who do have the potential to somehow find this blog, read it, and take something away from it.  I pause because I am faced with this task of bundling what I want to say with what will sell to the average Dick and Jane internet blog reader.  How can I deliver something fun (that is worthy of return visits) with a serious tone of my inner-most thoughts and ideals.

If I could frame my mind, would it be worthy to hang in a public place?

I think for now, I will just keep filling up the days with content and allow whatever becomes of this space to develop.  I do not think I will be solving world issues, or even coming close…..


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