What if this is as good as it gets?

maybe when we have that realization we become enlightened…I am still holding out for better. Maybe this is why I refuse to get a 9-5 job or conform to the ticky tacky lifestyle of American Consumer driven society that I see around me. I love the things I own, and the creature comforts of the super highway of life that I live on; but sometimes I crave something more. I crave the desire to conquer new lands, and mark new lands with my flag like generations that have long become dust in the wind.
This is possibly what I search for in this blog, and even when no one is reading, watching, or considering my point of view, I will be pointing out my random rants of a point of view. I don’t believe we find enlightenment in conformity, but only in being the outcast of beliefs that can threaten the peaceful Hindu cattle of the culture in which produced us.


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