Days like this

It is one of those days
That turn into the night
And seem to blend together
Into one random song of fate

I am coming together
But somehow disappearing yet
Another aspect of self-doubt
The beginnings of new journeys

I was never quite sure of where I ended
And the future in me began
Just a lost sailor on the ocean
Of disbelieve sailing forward
With only bravery and misfortune to find

I walked so many miles
In shoes so less designed
I am so much better off today
But seem to beg for days of old

I read my days and disallow adventures that go beyond the page
To be settled is what is allowed
But desire is a strange and fiendish friend of mine that I do not
ignore or even quiet the roar

The animal in me so many days held away
Seems so close and upset it seems
So loud but peaceful when kept at bay
I am these things I discuss and so
Hatefully to you I display

I have piled up this discontent before
And left it on days evermore
Nowhere to run and hide
To be this speaker is my truth
That I hold forever more

Somehow I am lost and I feel this is a loss
To the ability that I hold
I disappear and give no cadence to
Why I wish to belong
Just a whisper lost in the wind
Seems to me my saviors name

I am willing and able
For the artist and master of me
To do what it takes
Soon the hourglass will come round                                                                                                                                                                     And they will get their paint and canvas
And for whatever the reason create me

To be an inspiration is done
And explained along its course
I divert and sway from side to side
And want to allow so much more

I cannot be what I teach
Because the island in me
Seems to cast away the hopes
That should bring rescue
And peace somewhere in me

I am so much different
Than the average Joe on the street
I cannot explain what I mean
But I seem to babble the rhetoric that is openly and honestly preached

You will not find attached or waiting here
Some great explanation and the troubles that hinder me
I am like everyone else before
But like no one else as well

Someday I hope to find the dream in me
And not just the explanation of thee
Someone and something I am
And am allowed to be


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