ABC 13 – Top Stories- 2010 Census

ABC 13 – Top Stories.

I just watched this story this morning on the Local news.

“The Census Bureau uses the word “negro” to classify a group of American people.

Some people say that’s an outdated term from America’s troubled past, and rarely shows up in conversation anymore.

Census officals tell us that they discussed using the word, and have embedded a test that will guide them about whether to use the word in the 2020 census.”—-taken from ABC 13

What I am wondering is that if Black Americans do not want to be labeled, then the U.S. Govt. should abolish The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), a civil rights organization for ethnic minorities in the united States,along with The United Negro College Fund.  I bet the people who receive the endowments, education, jobs, security, and sustainable life from these organizations do not have a problem checking off Negro on their 2010 Census.

No one wants to be labeled a certain class or race when we are all Americans.  But get real people, it is a Fucking Census.  Fill the thing out or don’t.  We have bigger issues than being Politically Correct on a census in this country.  I would like people to get angry at our substandard public education, overwhelming unemployment level, or something besides a non-issue like this.


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